Check out our first wellness and mixer event!

It was great, far better than I could have imagined. Also, the food was a great touch and the services... It was all exactly what I needed! When is your next event??
— Ayanna
The yoga, the food, all the services, the goodies, being introduced to Lineage - ALL of it was awesome!! Can’t wait for next time :)
— Jen
The event was such a treat for mind, body and spirit! Deanna really put her heart and soul into creating a positive space for us to connect and revive. It was great to open the evening with a sampling of the many healing modalities available - reiki, massage, reflexology, among others. The essential oil and herbs station was a wonderful way to meet each other and connect. By the time we moved through the yoga practice, it felt like we were a united wave of good energy. The Ayurvedic food at the close of the evening we absolutely delicious. I left feeling grounded, cared for and connected, with a bag of goodies to keep the healing process going. Deanna could not have been more generous, and I look forward to the next event
— Hosanna

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