• And Yoga Studios (map)
  • 410 Marcus Garvey Boulevard
  • Brooklyn, NY, 11216
  • United States

This Vinyasa class is a great way to complete your day with dynamic yoga, candlelight, and wine. The yoga flow connects and coordinates asana movement with breath inhalation and exhalation. This linking of breath with movement allows for a powerful energy building experience creating strength and flexibility through the body and deep relaxed clarity for the mind.


After class, you're welcome to stay and enjoy complimentary glasses of wine. Our featured wine is a wonderful Rose' from famed French vineyard Domaine de la Fouquette. Our imported Cuvee' Rosee' D' Aurore has developed somewhat of a cult following around the country in recent years because of its unique citrus-mineral character. No longer able to purchase this wine, it sells out before the end of summer, with only 300 cases coming to the U.S. luckily we bought cases of the wine that some call, "The Best Rose' and it's price point".