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With all of your support and love we have officially...

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I couldn't be more thrilled and excited to host this event. Because of the response, we look to have another event like this in the Spring. So keep a look out. If you would like to come for yoga, please free to stop by at 5pm when we will begin asana, just send an email! 

Thanks again and if you're interested in what we have and will have in future events, take a looksie down below! 





What's happening?

Join us on December 3rd for Miss Dee Yoga's first wellness mixer! Learn how to establish a healthy routine as we shift though the seasons and head towards winter.

What can we expect? 

  • 60 minutes of a balancing, grounding and mindful yoga practice. 
  • Enjoy some healthy eats to follow the yoga practice: **food and drinks are provided**
  • Hear from our brilliant Ayurvedic chef, Hannah Gruber, as she provides tips for balancing your diet through the winter season.
  • Engage with fellow practitioners...
  • Take advantage of our other wellness opportunities including: 
    • Massage therapy
    • Reflexology
    • Tarot card reading
    • Reiki
  • Leave feeling AMAZING with a sweet goodie bag as a token of the commitment you've made toward honoring self care!

Sounds dope! I want to go...

Sweet, click below :)

I'd love to go but I'm not available that day!

I hear you, we all lead busy lives and can't make it to everything. However, we'd love for you to support this event by donating a ticket (or any amount you feel called to give) to someone who CAN attend but cannot afford to pay. With your generous donations, we hope to provide FIVE tickets for free :)  **Update, we've met our goal**